Friday, November 11, 2011


If you read many blogs you know that sometimes popular bloggers are given items to try and then write about, it's like new school journalism, and often with those items they are also given an additional set to give away to their readers.

One of the blogs that I read regularly, Don't (White) Sugar-Coat It, did a post about Annie's Homegrown gluten free products. In honor of Celiac Awareness month Annie's asked her to try some of their new products and offered a giveaway to her readers. With Jessica being on a gluten free diet, I've done my best to know about gluten free products and find restaurants and bakeries and anything else that offers such options. So I happily entered the contest... and about a week later I noticed that Elizabeth has tweeted me to say I'd won! And about a week after that these showed up at my door.

 We've opened and tried them both. The fruit snacks are apple flavor (very seasonally appropriate), and not bad at all. Unlike a lot of fruit snacks out there they don't taste like gummy candy, they actually taste like the fruit. And the ginger snap cookies are tasty, super gingery. Thank you Elizabeth and Annie's

Winning things is fun. And I have an uncanny ability to win random things. Let me tell you a little bit about some things I've won. Most recently, besides the gluten free goodies, I also won two tickets to a dessert reception and viewing of the A Day In Pompeii exhibit at the Museum of Science courtesy of The Boston Globe. In college I once won a giant Christmas stocking (and by giant I mean it's about 4 feet tall) filled with snacks and random toys from the dining hall. Can I just say how ridicules I looked carrying a stuffed stocking that was almost as tall as me across campus back to my dorm room? And earlier in college I won over 1,000 aroma therapy candles in various sizes and scents and their display case from Yankee Candle. This was so big that my parents had to borrow my cousins truck to pick it up, and my parents whole house smelled like Yankee Candle for about a year. It took multiple years to get rid of all of these candle.

I am sure I am missing other random things that I've won over the years but the stocking and the candles are the two funniest.

Now if only I could win a vacation somewhere warm...


  1. WHEN you win a vacation somewhere warm can I come? It's cold.

    And yes, I'm trying to will you a win.

  2. Oh and are we still planning to hang that GINORMOUS stocking up, like we do every year? 'Cause I want to.

  3. You bet we are. It's one of my favorite decorations.