Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fit League Kicked My Butt

So Fit League.

Let's start with the fact that I didn't exactly know where Boston Athletic Club was (do you?). I accidentally got off the bus one stop too late, so I had a ways to walk back up Summer St. And then it's actually down a long industrial road with no sidewalks that doesn't show up on google maps. If I didn't already feel like I was walking towards impending death... The windy, wet walk with cars flying by in the middle of nothing but warehouse buildings certainly did make it feel that way.

After we signed in and signed waivers, got our team T shirts and put stuff in lockers, we headed in to the indoor soccer field where the trainers waited for us. That time slot was 4 teams, and there were 3 trainers (2 men, one big football player sized dude and one smaller, leaner guy, and a woman who's super toned with some crazy-but feminine still- arms). They're basically trainers who run boot camps for BAC.

My team only had 5 of us (out if 8) show up. The group as a whole seems to have people of varying levels of fitness.

They had everyone doing a warm up (which to my unfit body felt like a workout all on it's own) altogether. The field was split in half, we jogged the perimeter. And ran sideways, did crossovers, high knees, skipping, backwards skipping, bear crawls, lunges, and other things intermittently. I kept a slower pace knowing if I went fast I wouldn't be able to keep going. I pushed to keep moving through the whole warm up; I thought about crying and about stopping to walk but I made it.

Part of yesterday was to get baselines for everyone. Since we'll earn points for challenges and improvements.

So they split up the teams; 2 teams on one side of the field, 2 on the other. My side then got split again. So the first part I did was timed 30 yard shuttle runs... yea. I was so winded after. I did it in 2:09. Then we had to do some other stuff while others did the shuttle runs. And somehow the girl I was with and I were "lucky" enough to do another timed 30 yard shuttle (that one was slower, more like 2:49 or something). Totally needed a break after that.

Then it was on to the push ups. As many as you can do in 1 minute. All the way down, chest to floor, hands up, all the way back up to lock position. I did 18. Again this was in cycles, so while we weren't doing push ups we were tossing a big medicine ball back & forth sideways. I liked this station much better than the running one.

Then it was switch time again. The last half of the time my team was playing with a giant tire (as tall as me!!). We had to flip it over across the floor, 2 people at a time, rotating. That sucker was heavy. And then 3 at a time we pushed it across the floor (holy friction batman!).

Finally we ended with jumping jacks, mountain climbers, squats, and short jogs.

Butt officially kicked. I was pretty winded through a lot of it. But I kept pushing. I made it.

This week I may not have time to get in extra exercise, but I'm going to need it going forward I think. Maybe event just some cardio so I'm not so winded (suggestions welcome).

I'll also need to figure out what and how much to eat before. And then
a snack to bring with me for after. (again, suggestions welcome!).

And now by the end of today, the day after my first Fit League, I'm sore but not intolerable. I stretched, which helped.

The bonus? The T Shirts.

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