Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Zero Excuses Week 8

Tonight is my last night of Fit League.

I can't believe it's over already. Tonight we will be competing in a gauntlet style challenge. And while I'm intimidated, I'm not nearly as scare of this as I was walking into my first night of Fit League.

Each week as we've taken tests we've been scored individually and as a team. My teams scores are pretty irrelevant seeing that after the first week (where 5 out of 8 people showed), we had 3 people at most show up, and one week with only me. But my individual scores, I'm pretty happy with. I improved in all of the areas we were tested in (though they didn't retest us in the 40 yard shuttle runs).

Check out it:

Activity                         1st Test               2nd test               Improvment
 Push Ups                           18                        21                           3    
 300 Yrd Shuttle Run           2.18                     1.49                       -0.69
 Squats                                27                        34                           7     
 Inverted Row (pull up alt)   16                         28                          12    
  Box Jumps                         27                        28                           1      

Since not many of my team members actually showed up most weeks this didn't have quite the team encouragement and accountability factor I was hoping for. But ultimately, I think I've found a way of working out that I actually enjoy on some level. I'm really hoping SBS offers Fit League again; it's fun and a bargin in terms of the local prices for boot camps. If not, I think I'll be seeking other affordable boot camp options.