Tuesday, June 12, 2012

And it was INSANE!

I survived the Insanity workout with Shaun T.

I was definitely nervous going into it. I didn't really know what to expect other than something intense that might make me want to puke. And then as Shaun T gave his introduction he asked who had done his work outs, who had completed the Insanity set, and who was a total Insanity newbie. As a handful or so of us raised our hands, he said "and you chose to do your first workout live with me? Ha you're brave." yikes! He told us to dig deep, dig deeper, and focus on making our own workout the best it can possibly be. Don't worry about keeping up, focus on form, and making every movement count.

But first Jodi from Revere's Millions Of Muscles lead an energetic warm up session.

And then it was Shaun T time. It was intense. I definitely had to take some breaks but I pushed, I pushed hard. The workout is full of dynamic exercises and plyometics.

A lot of the exercises and movements are things we've been doing in Fit League. Though Shaun T kicks it up a notch by going faster, and only taking short 30 second water breaks between circuits. I'm not sure I would have made it through the workout at all had I not been going to Fit League.

He did a question and answer session after the workout and I've got to say, he's sort of charming. Kind of adorable in a scary muscley kind of way. He didn't say anything groundbreaking but I appreciated that his nutrition suggestions were pretty real world applicable. He told us that he doesn't restrict himself because it's not realistic. I hate listening to well known people or celebrities say "oh I never eat junk food. I just don't" because that's not realistic (and probably not totally true). Shaun said his diet is 85/15; 85% healthy and 15% treats. He also said "don't go ON a diet because you're going to come OFF it. You have to LIVE it." good advice and an excellent way to look at healthy eating.

This may or may not have been when he said "I gotta have my M&Ms" 

The event was run by Powerade Zero; there was tons of swag, plenty of Powerade Zero to drink, and some healthy snacks for post workout. Nothing about the set up of the event wowed me outside of the warm up and workout itself.

The Powerade Zero tent had t-shirts, water bottles, towels, bags etc
and participants  to to take home their mats.

However I was wowed enough by the warm up and workout that I'm thinking about checking out Millions Of Muscles bootcamp once Fit League ends. And if the Insanity set wasn't over $100 I'd love to give it a try (not sure how my downstairs neighbors would feel about that though).


  1. I LOVE beachbody products... its worth the $100... I finished Insanity, and am now doing Chalean. If you commit to it, it is worth every penny.

  2. Good to know Finnuala. Some of the stories people told during the Q & A about the weight they've lost or the confidence it gave them made me really consider it.

  3. I missed a live INSANITY??? bummer! looks awesome!

  4. Great post! I loved the event. Shaun T was such a great person to work with! Would love to have you at bootcamp. How about $100 gift certificate towards our program to say Thank You for your kind words?!