Saturday, June 9, 2012

Zero Excuses Insanity

So this morning I'm going to workout with Shaun T.

Do you recognize that name? Yup. He's the famed Insanity workout guy. And he's currently on a Zero Excuses tour for Powerade Zero doing free large group workouts across the country.

Powerade Zero is one of the sponsors of my Fit League so we were offered a special chance at tickets to the event. At first the name didn't ring any bells for me (hey! I'm not a fitness junkie, what can I say?), but then Jessica was talking about how badly she wanted to go to this fitness event. And then it hit me, "I can get us tickets."

She was so excited about it that I didn't even stop to think if I can actually do the workout. I just said yes.

Well here we are the morning of it and all I can think is "it sounded like a good idea at the time." I'm sure it'll be a fun and really interesting event. But I'm not at the suggest "at least average" fitness level so I'm a little scared. Scratch that. A lot scared. That guy makes people throw up when they workout!

Here's hoping I make it through the workout.

Scratch that I AM going to make it through this workout!

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